15 Surprisingly Easy Pecan Desserts

A collection of easy pecan desserts that are simple yet impressive enough for holiday get togethers.

Most of us reach for the pecan pie recipe come November, and it’s no doubt a favorite in our family.

But who says pecans are just for holiday dishes and desserts?

While they’re certainly a Thanksgiving staple, I think they’re a versatile treat that deserve to be enjoyed beyond the pie plate.

(Just don’t tell my husband. He’s a pecan-pie purist.)

These delicious pecan dessert recipes are so good you will want to make and enjoy them all year long!

Collage image of pecan chocolate brownies, cookies, cheesecake bars and a maple pecan pie with text- 15 Pecan Dessert Recipes.

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Pecan dessert recipes – for every occasion

From puddings, cookies and cakes, to brownies, fudge and so much more, there is something on this list that everyone will love! 

Whether you are looking for more traditional pecan recipes or something new and adventurous, we have you covered with these 15 pecan desserts.

15 Best Easy Pecan Desserts

The Best Easy Pecan Desserts (to save for now or later)

Whether a holiday gathering or a weekend treat, you can make these easy desserts with just a few steps, and of course, a good supply of pecans. 😉

So look outside the pecan-pie-box and try one of these delicious recipes to satisfy your sweet tooth!

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Collage image of easy pecan desserts - pecan cookies, pecan pie cake, pecan hand pies and pecan sandies, with text 15 pecan dessert recipes.

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