To the Mamas Chasing Balance

To the Mamas Chasing Balance: Here’s What You Need Instead

  If you’re reading this, mama, you’re probably a little stressed. And I want you to know one thing:  you’re not alone. You might think you’re just an exception – the “hot mess” mom that can’t get it all together.  You might beat yourself up for being disorganized.  You might think you just need to […] Read more…

30 Budget Friendly Inspirational Gifts Christian Kids Will Love-featured

30 (Budget-Friendly) Gifts Christian Kids Will Love!

I’m pretty particular about what I buy my kids for Christmas, especially the last few years.  Lately I’ve decided that quality over quantity is very important.  I’d rather buy a few meaningful gifts for each of our kids than buy a bunch of smaller items, just for the sake of having an impressive stash under […] Read more…

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