Teaching Patience to Kids

Teaching Patience to an On-Demand Generation – and what’s at Stake if we Fail

Every generation of families faces its fair share of challenges. Certainly, we’re fortunate to be living in the time we’re living, in a developed nation with luxuries like clean drinking water, plentiful food and relative safety.  We have a lot to be thankful for. But when I think about the advances in today’s world- which […] Read more…

Chasing Work Life Balance

To the Mamas Chasing Balance: Here’s What You Need Instead

If you’re reading this, mama, you’re probably a little stressed. And I want you to know one thing:  you’re not alone. You might think you’re just an exception – the “hot mess” mom that can’t get it all together.  You might beat yourself up for being disorganized.  You might think you just need to perfect […] Read more…

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