A few of my favorites resources that I recommend frequently are found below.

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Meal Planning Resources

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I buy bulk goods a few times per year from this food co-op. Orders are placed online and there is a local “drop” once a month in our area. Favorite items include: Old-fashioned oats, parmesan cheese, raw cheese, yeast for homemade bread, Four-fold vanilla extract, frozen blueberries, dried beans and apple cider vinegar.

Food Storage

A big part of saving money on groceries is making your food supplies last as long as possible, cutting waste and unnecessary grocery trips. Here are my favorite tools:

FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer

We’ve had ours for over 10 years and it’s still going strong, so I recommend the name-brand version. The generic vacuum-seal bags generally work great, though. Use for: storing bulk meats, flash freezing veggies, storing leftovers, cooking bulk chicken or beef and freezing for individual meals; storing bulk grains like oats, and so much more.

FoodSaver Jar Attachment

This is an attachment for the FoodSaver machine which sucks the air out of mason jars and seals the jar. I use it for storing bulk nuts, flour, beans, dried fruit, and even for fresh fruit in the fridge.

Mason Jars

Walmart usually has the best price on these and lately I’ve had to order from as they’re hard to find in stores. They are wonderful for storing bulk goods, with or without the food saver attachment. I use 1/2 gallon jars for extra flour, beans, etc. Quart jars are great for smaller spaces. Tip: don’t over-pay for these- wait until you find prices around $11-$13 per dozen for quart or per 6 half-gallon jars. Sales are more frequent in the winter. Check local hardware stores as well.

Clear Containers

I really prefer glass as it won’t leach chemicals into the food, but any clear container will help you recognize leftovers and actually eat them. Write the dates on removable labels like these.

Intentional Christian Parenting and Motherhood

Books on apologetics, practical parenting skills and building a legacy of faith in the motherhood journey.


Other Christian resources I love:

Girls Created to Shine: This is a 12-week course that I really enjoyed leading my girls through at ages 13 and 10.  It has helped us have better conversations about their (our) identity in Christ and dig deeper into Scripture together.  *Use coupon code: FRIENDSSHINE50 for 50% off.

Not Consumed: Blog offering free printables, a shop with Bible Study guides for kids, and a wealth of advice for raising godly children.

Right Now Media :  A huge video library of Bible Studies from today’s popular Christian speakers and authors- a great resource for Churches, Sunday school and small groups.

MamaBear Apologetics: Awesome resource (website + podcast) for moms on how to teach kids to understand and defend the Christian faith.  

Intoxicated on Life:  Solid Christian Parenting Tips, Natural Health and Homeschooling

Proverbs 31 MinistriesDevotions and podcasts for Christian women.

The Bible Project:  Visual Storytelling Meets the Bible!  This has been an incredible free tool for our Sunday School class and my personal study.

Institute for Creation ResearchScientific discoveries and current research that points to the evidence of Creation, from leading scientists.  You can also sign up for the free Acts & Facts magazine here.

Masterbooks: Homeschool curriculum we’re using in our home (and thoroughly enjoying) for Pre-K and 1st/2nd grade currently.

Pregnancy / Baby Resources

Food and Homemaking

Work at Home

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