Becoming Godly Women, without Regrets: 4 Truths to Guide My Tweens

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I’m so proud to be a contributor this year to the Raising Godly Girls event at Like Minded Musings.

If you’re a mom of girls who is striving to lead your daughters to Jesus as she navigates the waters of “tweendom” – you won’t want to miss this event and the encouragement you’ll find here!

In my post, I’ll be discussing how to raise girls who become godly women without regrets, with four central truths that I believe we must convey to our tweens (and teens).

What i want my tweens and teens to know about living a Christ-centered life. #ChristianParenting #GodlyGirls #Tweens


And friends, let me just say – these are just the beginning of the hard years!  If you have a preteen, you know exactly what I’m talking about!  As our children grow, their problems become bigger, and the choices become more difficult.

I believe that girls today have SO many more pressures laid on their shoulders – from social media and media in general, and also from a culture that simply disregards their innocence and virtue.

WE have to be that voice that’s louder, stronger — the voice that wraps them in love and leads them to truth so it will be the voice they will choose to follow in these pivotal years.

And in turn, I pray that our consistent, loving guidance will allow them to be led by Christ instead of being led away by the allure of the world – which doesn’t deliver what it promises!

We have a big job to do as moms (and dads), but it’s a challenge that is well worth the effort.  Some of the hardest parenting moments are also the most worthwhile.

Our girls’ life paths will be forged in part by the choices they make today.

It’s so critical that our girls learn to be a good friend to others; speak encouragement instead of gossip; put relationships in their proper context; and understand God’s love and forgiveness through it all.

He is FOR our girls, and what a privilege we have to let them in on this beautiful reality!

You can read my entire post here, Becoming  Godly Women Without Regrets:  4 Truths to Guide my Tweens, AND download the FREE digital swagbag for both moms and girls.  (It’s a really great resource!)

If you have boys, there’s an event for YOU going on at the same time, over at Intentional in Life.  Check out the Raising Godly Boys event and all the resources available there!

What a blessing to have all of these tools at our fingertips as we strive to raise our kids to know their Creator and how much He truly cares about them.

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