Teach Your Kids about the Holy Land: With Artza box!

Discover resources to teach your kids the real history, beauty and Biblical significance of the Holy Land.

What do your kids know about the land of Israel?

If you’re like me, you might assume they have a basic understanding of the Biblical roots of the Holy Land.

After all, it’s the land of God’s chosen people. And it’s where Jesus lived and eventually sacrificed his life on the cross.

Image of items from Israel and Artza box below with text "How to learn about the Holy Land with your kids"

When kids are immersed in Scripture through Sunday School and daily Bible study, it’s likely they do understand certain geographic and historical concepts such as these.

But what if we could dig a little deeper? What if we could really bring the places in Scripture to life?

These are questions that piqued my curiosity when I first heard about the Artza subscription box a few years ago.

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What is Artza Box?

Artza Box is really different from other subscription boxes out there.

It began in 2020 with local Israelis who wanted to continue to share the culture of Israel with the world.

This was especially critical at a time when tourism was nonexistent.

The beautiful thing was – it allowed people all over the world a chance to “experience” the Holy Land – even if they couldn’t be there in person.

Each box from Artza is filled with such a variety of wonderful handcrafted items from Israel.

Note: We were sent a courtesy box from Artza in exchange for our honest review. But we’re also customers who have thoroughly enjoyed our ongoing experience with Artza!

Examples of What we’ve received in our boxes:

  • Foods: specialty nuts, nut butters, (lots of amazing date and fig flavors!), chocolates, teas, coffee, olive oil, seasoned salt
  • Household and decor such as taper and jar candles, bath soap, Dead Sea bath salts, ceramic trivets, custom art prints, coasters
  • Family fun: the Holy Land coloring book (my son’s favorite!), card games, wooden puzzles, postcards
  • Holiday: wooden nativity ornaments, ceramic ornaments, Christmas party cards
Image of Artzabox with variety of handmade products from the Holy Land.

There is always something new and special to discover as you read about each artisan who crafted these treasures.

You’ll also be introduced to the region they represent in Israel through beautiful photography on the enclosed cards.

Over the last few years, Artza box has allowed our family to become more familiar with – and to have a new appreciation for – this special place on the globe.

Why teach your kids about the Holy Land? (Bible History Overview)

*If you want to skip this Bible history lesson and read more about Artza box, you can jump to that section.


The most obvious reason to learn about Israel is its Biblical significance.

As we know, the patriarch of the Hebrews, Jacob, was renamed “Israel” by the Lord. His descendants were known as the Israelites– God’s chosen people.

God made a covenant that he would greatly multiply the nation of Israel (starting with Abraham, Jacob’s grandfather), and that all nations would be blessed through them (namely, with salvation).

And conversely, that He would curse those who cursed them. (Genesis 12:2-3)

As part of this blessing, he also gave his people a Promised Land which was to be their permanent residence.

black and white drawing of Abraham journeying to the land of Canaan - stock photo

It is located in the same place known as Israel today.

(Although it’s a much smaller piece of land than the original land given to Israel by God. You can read more about that here.)

A Holy (yet very human) Nation

Israel was to be set apart (holy) and consecrated to the one true, Creator God.

They were to be a living example of God’s nature.

This was intended to distinguish their loving, righteous and just God who was unlike any other “god” their neighbors contrived.

Torah scroll unrolled (stock photo)

And as human nature goes- they failed, over and over, to fulfill their part of the covenant.

As a consequence of their sin, God allowed them to be conquered by their enemies, time and again.

And yet, when they returned and repented, God eventually restored them to their land, and to Himself.

The Miraculous Return to the Land

In 1948 after World War II, prophecy was fulfilled yet again.

God brought the Jews back from all over the world to the land he had originally designated for them, and the State of Israel was established again.

Of course, Jews have always been present in the land of Israel, but war and persecution had driven out many Jews from their homeland for centuries prior.

God promised there would always be a remnant of his covenant people. They would be a nation as long as the earth endures.

The 1948 return to the Holy Land was especially miraculous in light of the 6 million (plus) Jews who were horrifically murdered in the Holocaust.

View of Old City of Jerusalem with Israeli flag

A Kingdom that will endure

God’s promises, thankfully, are not dependent upon human faithfulness- but on His own.

And throughout the Old Testament, God promised to send a Redeemer once and for all. A King of Kings who would establish an eternal kingdom for his people.

For Christians today, we believe these prophecies were fulfilled in the coming of Jesus Christ. (Over 300 specific prophecies fulfilled, in fact).

And the remainder of Bible prophecy will be fulfilled in the “fullness of time” God has established for all creation.

Through Jesus, every person can be “grafted” into this covenant family.

And we praise God for the faithful Jewish people before us, who preserved the knowledge of the God of Israel and remained obedient to this covenant.

God’s plans for all humankind became known through this special covenant people, in a very special place – for a specific purpose.

View of Gethsemane (stock photo)

Today, Christ followers are not bound by the Old Testament sacrificial system and the Law that could never be perfectly kept. (Romans 8:1-4)

We are made righteous through the sacrifice of Jesus himself, through repentance and trusting in Him as our Savior.

And as the book of Hebrews reminds us, it was always by faith (a gift from God) that anyone was saved. Then, and now.

The King’s Final Battle

One day, God will send Jesus to return again to gather his people and to judge the world in righteousness and truth.

Israel, the Holy Land, is central to these prophecies.

Jesus will return on the Mount of Olives (east of Jerusalem) and will defeat the enemies of Israel by simply speaking. (Rev. 19:21)

while we wait for his return

As the current war waged by Hamas against Israel has tragically highlighted, the Jews will always face persecution.

In fact, spiritual warfare is a reality for all Believers, and it will be ongoing until Christ returns again.

But ultimately, Jesus has already won, and will eternally claim the victory in this struggle.

Those who trust in Christ will reign with him in Heaven, forever!

In the meantime, it is our duty as Christians to stand with the nation of Israel as God’s chosen people. They need our support and help in any way we can provide it.

And, we are to pray for the peace of Israel and for salvation through faith in Jesus, for those who do not already know Him.

Grandmother and granddaughter praying by lamplight with Bible on table in front of them.

As we discover more about Bible history and learn about the people of Israel today, we also have a duty to share this knowledge with the next generation.

How to use Artza box as a learning tool

If you’ve still hung around to this point after all the Bible history 🙂 , here is where Artza Box comes in!

It’s not only an incredible way to learn more about the Holy Land —

–but it can inspire your entire family in a love for Israel, its people, and the God who made us all.

Here’s how to make learning fun and simple:

1| share the joy of unboxing!

When our Artza box arrives, all of our kids (currently 7, 10, 15 and 17) want to be the first to see what’s inside.

Two Artza boxes stacked on a table

Let your kids take part in the “unboxing”.

Before reading about the artisans and creators, let them guess the purpose of each item and hear their thoughts on new and unfamiliar foods, etc.

Kids opening items from Christmas edition of Artza box.

2| Pull out the map

Kids are very visual, so maps and globes are important when discussing other cultures.

Point out Israel on a globe or world map. A regional map like this one can help kids better understand the geography where your box’s treasures originated.

Discuss important events that happened in the Bible in or near that region.

3| Read the artist/creator cards together

Use the pictures of the land, the setting and the people to better visualize what it might be like to visit in person.

Keep the pictures in your Bible so that when you come to a certain place in your Bible studies, you can view them again.

You can also use the pictures of Israel and the artisan cards as a reminder to pray for the people of Israel.

Artisan cards and pictures from Israel, from Artza box.

4| Make, Bake and Enjoy

The items in Artza boxes are meant to allow you to enjoy and experience Israel.

So bake the cookies, taste the chocolates, and let your senses take a journey to the Holy Land, too.

We like to light our “Israel candles” in the morning during our Bible reading and school time at the kitchen table.

Lighting a candle in a 6-pointed star candleholder from Artza box.

We’ve recently had delicious Silan Oat Cookies and tea for breakfast from our Christmas Joy box.

My son loves his Holy Land coloring book, and it’s been on many car trips with us.

It’s a treat to use these unique items in our everyday routines, and think about the people who created them, halfway around the world, for us to enjoy and appreciate.

It’s a chance to bring a piece of the Holy Land into our home with each new box.

You can learn more about Artza Box here, and get 20% off with my code: DIARIES20.

Remember that when you order an Artza box, you are also helping struggling small businesses thrive during a time of war and tragedy.

This is a subscription box that truly gives back.

Judean Desert Artza box- stock photo

More resources for learning about the Holy Land

Sadly, today, there are many who would like to rewrite history to suit a political cause.

Lately it’s “cool” to support anyone except those who are being violently attacked without cause (i.e., the Jews). Antisemitism has escalated to an entirely new level, worldwide.

In a recent survey, 20 percent of people age 18-29 believed the Holocaust never happened!

Whether this is due to neglect of the education system, misinformation on social media – or a combination of all the above, it’s more than alarming.

We must persist in teaching our children not only to think critically, but to understand the truth about history.

The apostle Paul in Romans chapter 12 tell us that true believers must overcome evil with good.

There has never been a better time to instill in our children the importance of telling the truth and living by what is true, just, and right according to God’s Word.

Ceramic ornament with state of Israel from recent Artza box subscription box.

Current events in Israel

Behold Israel / Amir Tsarfati

This ministry is one of my favorite resources for understanding more about Israel and current events in the region.

You can find nearly minute-by-minute news and commentary on current events via this Israeli-based Telegram channel, app, podcast or Youtube channel.

Amir Tsarfati is a Christian Jew who lives in and reports from Israel, and has recently briefed members of Congress on the war.

(He was a former deputy governor of Jericho before founding this nonprofit ministry.)

Making faith, culture and history connect

As you can see, there are wonderful tools such as Artza box that can help you teach your kids about the Holy Land and what it means for Christians everywhere.

All it takes is a little time and intention, to raise kids with a better understanding of the roots of their faith.

In a world that typically lives at the speed of a sound byte, I think it’s time we slow down and get back to basics.

We can never go wrong when we share with our kids the inherent goodness, beauty and truth of God’s Word, and allow it come alive in their hearts and minds.

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