Qualities of a Homemaker that Make a House a Home

If you’ve ever wondered how to cultivate the qualities of a homemaker (or why it even matters), this post is for you!

It has been a blessing (possibly a rare one) that I’m in my late 30s and still have both my mom and my grandmas living in or nearby our rural town

Over the years, I  was lucky enough to have several women in my life, in fact, who positively influenced how I view homemaking.

And one thing I love is how they did it in such a seemingly effortless way, that I didn’t even realize the value of what I was learning at the time.

Homemaker qualities that never go out of style

The Importance of a Homemaker

I realize not everyone is so fortunate to have such wonderful teachers.

Unfortunately, imparting homemaking skills to younger generations, or even recognizing its value, seems to be on the decline.

Yet, home management skills are as needed as ever.

We’re living in an interesting age where people spend less and less time at home, thanks to a very connected world we live in.

Couple that with the fact that most women have worked outside the home for at least a few generations now (as is often necessary), and the truth is that homemaking as it was once known seems impractical to many.

So maybe this is part of the resurgence of an interest in homemaking skills: we want the benefits that come with being a good homemaker, minus the fussiness of the 1950s version!

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Homemaking today is still a worthwhile endeavor

Modern homemakers may have more demands on their time, but we are also fortunate to have some shortcuts available to us that our grandmas didn’t have.

So if you think you’ll never learn how to be a good homemaker, you might be surprised that it’s not impossible today.

You might even enjoy it!

It all comes down to understanding what homemaking really is – and what it isn’t.

What is homemaking and what it isn't

Qualities of a homemaker (that anyone can cultivate)

Here are four qualities that I think are essential to being a successful modern homemaker.

1| She considers what can make her home a place of refuge- and pursues it.

A homemaker wants those who live under her roof – or visit – to know that her home is a place where:

  • Confidences are kept
  • They are physically safe (as far as it depends on her)
  • They will be taken care of emotionally and otherwise

She sees the need for her home to be a restful place, away from the stresses of the outside world.

Whenever possible, she strives to lighten the burdens of her loved ones. Even if it’s only temporary.

caring is an important quality of a homemaker

Hospitality is just one of many roles she takes pride in.

She sees it as an opportunity to show love to her family and friends in practical, yet crucial, ways.

2| She anticipates her family’s needs and plans ahead for them.

Homemakers make plans for everything under the sun, including (but not limited to):

In essence, a homemaker knows the value of being prepared, and her household depends on it!

homemaking skills-stocking pantry

And in areas where she lacks skills (because no one can be good at everything!) or simply the time to do it all, she learns how.

Or, she simply finds a way to delegate some of these tasks. Knowing when to ask for help is a vital trait in itself.

A homemaker is aware that life will not always go according to her plans, but she can always do her best. And that’s enough.

3| She pays attention to details.

The little details are often what makes a house a warm and welcoming place.

Beyond basic tidiness and home organization, a homemaker thinks about how she can bless her family with little things like:

  • Tucking their covers in their bed just the way they like them
  • Asking their opinion on household matters that affect them
  • Knowing instinctively where every object is in the house (!)
  • Bringing home a special treat to celebrate milestones, big and small

This list could go on and on.

But ultimately I see a homemaker as someone who is not only attentive to the necessary tasks of her home, but how doing these tasks well enriches the lives of her loved ones.

Because of this, she’s also aware of how she spends her time. Her desire is to be available to her family and friends when they need her.

Importance of a homemaker can not be overstated

A homemaker is proactive in finding ways to attend to the details of her family’s day-to-day life to keep things running smoothly — just because it brings her joy to do so.

Her thoughtful gestures communicate: I see you and I care about your preferences.

4| She understands the heart of homemaking is more important than the art of it.

Homemaking isn’t a competition to be won, though magazines and social media can make it feel that way.

It’s not about having the cleanest home. There’s a difference between a homemaker and a housekeeper, after all.

It’s also not the pursuit of perfecting interior design, or creating kitchen masterpieces from scratch.

Although, let’s be honest- homemakers are naturally drawn to making things beautiful, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Home decor -only one aspect of homemaking

But what it really should be about, I think, is the people in the home.

A good homemaker realizes that making her family feel comfortable and loved is the goal, not just a byproduct of her work.

Her heart is evident in everything she does.

A modern homemaker is no longer recognized by her heels, apron and red lipstick, but by the care she takes over those who cross her doorstep.

Homemaking skills that never go out of style

The good news is, these basic qualities of a homemaker actually change little over time.

How previous generations “made a house a home” may look different in some ways, but the reason they made it a priority is the same today.

A modern homemaker

With just an ounce of intention, anyone can become the homemaker their family needs and adores.

Just don’t forget to pass on those skills as you do; a future family will thank you someday.

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