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I’m kicking off this series with one of my absolute favorite places on the web:  She Reads Truth.

If you’re a woman who is looking for a study that will speak to your soul, this is it.  Each day’s material is carefully crafted with writings that have an almost poetic quality, highlighted by beautiful graphics.


Favorite Online Bible Study Tools- She Reads Truth


The writers here have a way of using literary imagery (sometimes mixed with subtle humor) and a complex understanding of Scripture which really lends a unique perspective to my study time.

As you browse through the reading plans, you will find studies on specific chapters of the Bible as well as topical studies that range from about one to seven weeks each.

One feature that I really like is that at the top of the page for each day’s reading, there are links for each set of verses, so when you click the link, that passage opens on  How easy is that?!

She Reads Truth


You can choose to read via your web browser (which is what I do), or download the app.  The app includes some free materials and some that are available at a cost, which I am sure would be worth it for many people (but I’m cheap).   🙂

If you want to get a feel for the the site and what type of writings you’ll encounter, I would recommend starting with “She is Me” from the Study, Holding Tight to Permanent.  This 7-day study features excerpts from the book, She Reads Truth, which was written by the website’s founders.

Currently, there are 50 studies to choose from on the site.  But if you follow the “current plan” (there will be announcements you can watch for when a new study is upcoming), there is another wonderful feature — you can participate in the SRT community.

I have to admit that I generally shy away from the comments section from most websites nowadays — I mean wow, it can get ugly, right?  But you won’t find that type of negativity at She Reads Truth.

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After my daily reading, I spend a lot of time reading through the comments because what I find is so insightful and encouraging.  It’s just amazing to see how women from many different walks of life face the same dreams, goals, aspirations, losses, tragedies, and heartaches.  I am truly blessed just by reading what others have to say and to see how each member builds up each other in truth and in love.

One last feature that I think is cool – there is a graphic that ties in at the bottom of each reading that you can screenshot or download and save as your screensaver on your phone.  It can serve as inspiration and also a constant reminder to get in the Word.

SRT screensaver


There is even a She Reads Truth Bible available for purchase that you can check out here.

(Several other colors & styles to choose from too!)  Guess what’s on my Christmas wish list this year?

If you’re a She Reads Truth reader, leave a comment below and tell us what you think!

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