Podcasts for Christian Women – that Tackle the Big Questions

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Looking for the best podcasts for Christian women, especially Christian moms?

There are so many to choose from today.  How do we know which ones are worth our valuable time?

Recently I’ve been scouring the web and gathering recommendations for podcasts that are Gospel-centered, thought-provoking and powerful in their ability to grow me as a Christian and as a mom.

I’ve been especially interested in apologetics and theology resources lately.

Funny story: I didn’t really have a clue what a podcast was until about a year ago!  I seriously thought you needed a special device to listen to them.

Most of the podcast shows listed below can be accessed on just about any device: Android and Apple phones, a smart speaker like an Echo Dot, or your PC (Apple or Google podcasts – or straight from the websites I’ll be linking to).

Podcasts for Christian Women

Why Podcasts (for Christian Moms)?

At first, I wasn’t sure if a podcast could hold my attention.  Isn’t it just glorified talk radio, I wondered?  But it turns out there are plenty of podcasts worth listening to, with valuable content for the Christian mom.

Needless to say, I’m glad I came out of the Dark Ages and finally jumped on the podcast train!

One of the reasons why I’ve grown to love podcasts so much are because they are PERFECT for multitasking moms.  (Is there any other kind?) 

You can listen to them in the car (I have this phone mount for the car); while doing laundry or dishes or cooking dinner.  I’ve even listened to a whole series while painting my kitchen.  

As a mom I have less time to read than I used to, and I’ve all but cut out TV completely in the last few years (for several reasons).

But fortunately, audio books and podcasts have really been a substitute blessing to me in the stage of life I’m in right now.  Note: these aren’t a substitute to reading the Bible itself!  

Never Stop Learning

I think it’s important for Believers to continually learn and be challenged in our study of the Word, no matter how “busy” our lives are.

  Personally, I’d love to go back and pursue graduate studies in theology or some type of ministry emphasis, but that hasn’t been possible for me as of yet.

However I’ve learned that there are many (free) online resources I can take advantage of, to stretch my understanding and provide supplemental education in areas where I lack.

Some of the podcasts I’ve unearthed lately help to do just that.

I’m attempting in this post to not just highlight the most popular Christian women’s speakers out there; I really want to focus on podcasts that discuss the “big questions” and help us as moms who want to have deeper and more Scripturally-sound conversations with our kids (and others).

So if you haven’t jumped on the podcast bandwagon yet, any of the 5 selections below would be a great place to start.

And if you’re already a podcast-lover, you might find some new and worthwhile Christian podcasts on this list.  

#1.  Mama Bear Apologetics Podcast

The Mama Bear Apologetics Podcast has been playing nonstop at my house recently.

As I mentioned, I am a huge proponent of studying apologetics, as I think we’re in an age where it’s increasingly important to know how to logically defend our Christian Faith to the largely unbelieving world.

And that’s exactly what this podcast is all about:  Equipping moms with reasonable arguments to defend the truth of Scripture, so that they can teach and train their children to do the same.

I started reading the Mama Bear Apologetics book when it came out a few months ago and it blew me away with how relevant the information is for Christian moms today.

When I found out there was a podcast, it was icing on the cake.

What you’ll find are thorough evaluations of current “hot topics” in the media, reasoned out with a Biblical worldview.

The hosts include Hillary Morgan Ferrer and her fellow Mama Bears (including Alisa Childers who is an expert on Progressive Christianity – another podcast topic you’ll want to dig into).

These influential women hold advanced degrees and/or years of ministry experience, making them well-qualified to lend their wisdom to other Mama Bears like you and me.

One episode I would highly recommend is Episode 33, “How to Talk about Pride Month with Your Kids”.

Hillary’s method of addressing this topic in general was one of the best explanations I’ve heard to date (an incredibly empathetic response via solid Bible teaching).

2.  The Alisa Childers Podcast

After hearing Alisa Childers on the Mama Bear Apologetics podcast (she also contributed to the book), I discovered she also has her own podcast.

You may or may not remember Alisa Childers as one of the members of the Christian band, ZoeGirl, in the early 2000s. Then in her early 30s, Alisa experienced a “crisis of faith” of sorts, as she began to question how her faith had been formed as a child and why she believed what she believed.

This led into deep study of theology and a transformative “journey from unreasoned doubt into vibrant, intellectually informed faith”.

For me, Episode 57:  Deconstruction and Reconstruction: Walking Through Doubt, with Dominic Done was a really eye-opening and excellent discussion exploring how we can seek answers where they can be found in Scripture- but also take our doubts to God.

3.  Ask Pastor John

If you’re familiar with the Desiring God website, you’ve probably read articles or listened to a sermon by founder and lead teacher, John Piper.

Desiring God has become a very trusted resource for me, for answers on the “big questions” in life, through the Scripture filter.

This site houses several podcasts, but Ask Pastor John is one of my favorites.

I have learned so much by listening to these short clips where he shares his insight in response to those big questions such as “Can Loved Ones in Heaven Look Down on Me?”.

While I love listening to a variety of teachers (and primarily my own pastor), I think it’s so important that we learn from those teachers who are “tried and tested”- those who have been studying and preaching the Word for many years and have proven themselves to be devoted, consistent and truly led by God.

I do believe there is a tendency, if we’re not careful as women and moms, to only follow those teachers we find commonalities with – i.e., young female teachers.

And while there are plenty of wonderful Bible teachers of all ages – male and female alike – there are also many teachers surfacing today who unfortunately do not seem well-grounded in the Word.  Or they begin well-grounded but then later start to exhibit red flags of watering down Truth to appease the (secular) masses.

I say all of that to say that while it’s good and healthy to not agree on every perspective another Christian teacher holds, John Piper’s exposition method is known to be solid and trustworthy.

I believe you will learn how to better understand and apply the Bible to your own life as you listen to his teaching.

4.  Unaborted (Seth Gruber)

Abortion is no doubt one of the most debated topics of our generation.

As Christian moms, we need to be well grounded in the most fundamental human right of all:  the right to life.

As director of our local Pregnancy Resource Center, I’ve been fortunate to meet some of the nation’s top pro-life thinkers and speakers.

Seth Gruber was the keynote speaker at our Center’s 2018 banquet and he is boldly leading the discussion on pro-life apologetics today.

Seth recently launched the Unaborted podcast with the goal of informing and educating listeners on engaging the issue of abortion “both persuasively and graciously”.

Note:  this is factual, honest, no-nonsense discussion and not for young ears.  But I can assure you it’s information you need to know.

We must understand the pervasive, false narrative of the abortion rhetoric and be able to counter it with the truth of the Word, which clearly affirms the value of every human being, beginning at conception.

5.  Word Matters

The Word Matters podcast is one I just recently stumbled upon.  It’s hosted by Brandon Smith and Trevin Wax from The Gospel Project.

The goal is to help listeners understand some of the more confusing and/or controversial passages in the Bible.

Through this podcast, I’m learning more about different theological positions such as complementarianism vs. egalitarianism (say that three times fast!), as discussed in the episode with Jen Wilkin on “What Does it Mean for Women to be Weaker Vessels?” (Episode 9).  

Episode 40 was another great analysis on the ethics and duty of believers in submitting to earthly authorities.

This particular discussion was about the deception of the Hebrew midwives in Exodus 1 who refused to kill the Hebrew baby boys because of their greater desire to submit to God.

Most of the episodes on Word Matters are short (around 15 minutes) and are simply great food for thought.

You can follow along in your Bible as they explore these passages in depth.

6.  Focus on Parenting

Focus on Parenting is a podcast by Focus on the Family, one of my longtime go-to resources for Bible-based parenting advice.

I highly recommend it as a top podcast for Christian women (or any parent) as they specialize in addressing tough questions with practical wisdom.

In How to Raise Strong Believers, guest speaker Natasha Crain (author of Keeping Your Kids on God’s Side) discusses the importance of using everyday scenarios as teaching moments in apologetics training.

She also stresses keeping the lines of communication open and not shutting down those tough, faith-challenging questions that will inevitably come from our kids as they are exposed to new ideas and other (non-Christian) worldviews.


In another episode, Saying the Right Thing When Your Child Misbehaves, the focus is on sibling rivalry and how to NOT become another fighter in the ring, as the parent.  (Genius!).

Wendy Speake gives some amazing “scripts” you can use to condition your child to understand and model appropriate, Christlike behavior in any circumstance.


Christian Podcasts for Women Who Want to Dig Deeper

I hope you’ll enjoy listening to these engaging teachers who shine the light on the Gospel truth and don’t shy away from the hard questions we face.

This post was created with the purpose of challenging you as a mom to dig deeper into the Word and better equip you to train your children as you do!

This is by no means a comprehensive list of Christian podcasts, but simply the top 5 that I’m enjoying right now and believe any Christian mom could greatly benefit from.

Feel free to list your recommendations for Christian podcasts for women in the comments below!


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