Original Heartwarming Quotes about Being a Mom

 As I reached out to fellow mom bloggers for words of inspiration, I felt that this collection of quotes about being a mom sums up the experience pretty perfectly.

Motherhood brings out the spectrum of emotions in each of us.

And isn’t it good to know that moms everywhere are bonded by these common feelings?

Because we’ve all “been there” when it comes to the perplexing, frustrating and sometimes ridiculous moments that present themselves when you’re the head of a tyrannical tribe you created yourself.  😉

No matter our years on the job, number of children we have or parenting style we ascribe to…

..these quotes highlight the universal experiences that moms share everywhere.

Mom smiling with little girl covering her eyes- with text: Original heartwarming quotes about being a mom

I hope these words of wisdom and relatable quotes about motherhood will remind you that you’re not alone, mom.

And this season of life with littles really is one of the best we will bear witness to, this side of heaven.

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That mom-life balance

“Motherhood is desperately needing a break from kids only to miss them terribly after 5 minutes.” 

-Nancy at All Natural Mothering.

“Motherhood is a delicate dance between holding on and letting go.”

-Casey at Bouncing Forward

Quotes about motherhood- Bouncing Forward

You are uniquely qualified

“Know that you are the best mom for your child, even on the days when you doubt yourself. Your kids need you. Children are quick to forgive and quick to love. Never doubt the power of your love. It overcomes so many of our perceived mom faults.”

-Brooke at Happy Simple Mom

Quotes about being a mom: image: Happy Simple Mom
“Being a GOOD mom comes down to this: stop listening to all the opinions, and be the best version of yourself for you and your children.”

-Katherine at Simple Natural Mama

Learning and leaning on instinct

“Motherhood is at once a wilderness of unknowns and a haven for all that is familiar.”

-Leann at The Hunting Mom

Quotes on being a mom: graphic: Leann, the Hunting Mom

The rewards always tip the scale

“Guiding little humans is a responsibility that can sometimes overwhelm. But I didn’t realize it would be my greatest privilege and joy, too.”

Her Mustard Faith

Quotes about being a mom- Her Mustard Faith
“Raising kids the right way is hard, but it is worth every second and every snotty nose.”

-Andrea at My 3 Sons

“Motherhood is losing your P’s – your privacy, your personal space and your property rights!”

-Samantha at Rush to Hope

Quotes about being a mom- Rush to Hope

Best title ever

“Motherhood is knowing that no matter what title the outside world grants you, the title you will cherish the most is “Mom”.

-Mary Ann at Miracles in the Mess

Quotes about being a mom: image: Miracles in the Mess

The student becomes the teacher

“Being a mom is all about learning your strengths, your weaknesses and your limits. These huge life-lessons are taught by the tiniest of teachers who will inspire you to laugh, grow and love more than you ever believed you could.”

-Lauren at Simply Well Balanced

Raw, real and invaluable

“Motherhood is cleaning puke off of your child before cleaning yourself. Motherhood is beautiful in the mess. Motherhood is the deepest pains transformed into the epitome of joy in seconds. Motherhood is important beyond measure.”

-Kenzie Wright

Quotes about being a mom- image: A Sip of Truth blog
“I never knew I could grieve the passage of time… until I became a mother.”

-Amanda at A Place Within Me

Quotes about being a mom- Amanda- A Place Within Me
“Motherhood is messy, it’s emotional, it’s hard, it’s exhausting, it’s thankless .. and it’s totally worth it.”

-Samantha at Rush to Hope

Quotes about being a mom- Samantha

Grace wins

“Motherhood is about extending grace…to your kids and to yourself as a parent. It’s about remembering that they are kids but they won’t be forever and this place you are in won’t either. So give yourself grace and try to enjoy this season.”

-Sabrina at Brina Lynn

Quotes about being a mom: Image: Brina Lynn

Flexibility and innovation required

“Being a mom means that you have to get creative about where you have to hide your own stash of cookies.”

HodgePodge Hippie

“As a mom, you willingly give up all personal space, three-quarters of your bed and two hundred percent of your heart.”

-Brandi at Chicken Scratch Diaries 

Image of mom with baby and text with above quote.

What motherhood is – and what it isn’t

“Motherhood doesn’t require perfection, it just requires your whole heart.”

-Brandi at Family Felicity

Image of family with above quote in text overlay.
“Motherhood is as unique as the women who fill the role.” 

-Charissa at The Not So Busy Mom

True love: a beautiful process

“My love for my kids is like my laundry basket: never empty and never ending.”

-Britt at These Boys of Mine

“Whether you have 1 or 8 kiddos, nothing will expand your capacity like motherhood. Things that were once hard suddenly become normal–but the growing process is never over. The stretching of your abilities never stops. Motherhood is refining me and you, and we’re going to be better people than we were before because of it!”

-Melissa at Beauty in the Crumbs

Quotes about being a mom: image: Melissa

I hope these quotes about being a mom will serve as inspiration in the hard and trying moments you will inevitably encounter. 

Because being a mom is all of these experiences and emotions we’ve just described, and so much more!

The laughter we share, the wisdom we gain and the memories made are just a few things that prove children are truly “a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him.” (Psalm 127:3, NLT).

Feel free to share your favorite quotes on being a mom in the comments!

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