18 Cheap, Healthy Summer Snacks for Kids

It’s the bane of the existence for moms: what to feed kids in summer that’s actually healthy, simple, AND budget-friendly. This list can make it happen!

Summer time presents a break from routine, and it’s one we look forward to every year.

It also presents some unique challenges. Kids can fall into a mindless-snacking-habit, and that habit can add up to a hefty grocery bill, if we’re not careful.

Store-bought snacks are typically loaded with sugar, dyes and preservatives. Those purchases are few and far between for us, these days.

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How to save money and snack smart this summer

Instead of loading up on cookies and snack cakes, I’ve learned to keep a list of simple, healthy recipes with few ingredients -that my kids like.

Sometimes I have time to make the snacks- and sometimes, I delegate them to the kids! They’re the ones eating me out of house and home, so it’s only fitting.

Plus cooking is a great life skill I want them to learn. Many snacks don’t require much more than assembling ingredients, so even small children can build confidence in the kitchen with these ideas.

Take a look at our list of healthy, cheap and homemade summer snacks for some fresh ideas to incorporate into your summer routine.

Cheap, Healthy Summer Snacks (Homemade!)

Budget-friendly, homemade and healthy: use this list for summer snacks you can feel good about.

Be sure to let us know your favorite summer snacks that you would add to this list!

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