My Top 5 Natural Baby Products (New Moms Love These)

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The best natural baby products- 5 must have items every new mom should have on her baby registry. #FirstTimeMom #NaturalLiving #Babies #Pregnancy #NonToxic

I’m not sure that the concept of using natural baby products was even on my mind until the last few years.

It’s amazing how many things have changed from the time our first child was born (who is now 12) until our fourth baby joined the ranks recently!

One of the most fun things about having a new baby in the house, besides the sleepless nights of course, is discovering new baby goodies that didn’t exist with my previous children!

Natural baby products new moms will appreciate! #NaturalLiving #Baby #Nontoxic #Organic


Why Choose Natural Baby Products?

In recent years, I’ve been researching and experimenting with more “natural” products and concepts in our home (including laundry and cleaning solutions).

As a result, when I was planning for baby #4 I made some changes in what types of items were on my baby registry/wish list and I was anxious to try out some products for baby that are considered a bit more “crunchy”.

I found out that many of the ingredients in items such as baby wash and diapers really aren’t that good for any of us – such as fragrance, parabens and triclosan – but can be especially risky for babies as they quickly absorb chemicals and toxins into their delicate, thin skin.

I had already been a breastfeeding, babywearing, co-sleeping mom from the beginning, so it was only logical to take things a step further with natural baby products, as those too can affect baby’s health and wellness.

My Top 5 Natural Baby Products (New Moms Love These)

Below is a quick review of each of my top 5 baby products which promote a more natural, non-toxic lifestyle.

I think any mom who is preparing for a new baby or has just welcomed a new addition will love these items, and won’t have to stress about potentially harmful ingredients lurking in these!

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1.  Earth Mama Angel Baby Body Wash & Shampoo

I have been using the Angel Baby Body Wash & Shampoo on my youngest, Olivia, since she was born.  This stuff is amazing!  It’s a castile soap base (which is also what I use to make my DIY foaming hand soap) that is free of artificial fragrances, preservatives and other questionable chemicals.

The Natural Orange Vanilla (which uses essential oils for fragrance) is my favorite and it smells delicious!

It looks like a tiny bottle, but one 5.3-ounce bottle lasted me almost 6 months on my infant.  It’s a light foaming wash and a little goes a very long way.

My kids are fair-skinned, blue-eyed and basically the perfect genetic candidates for skin imperfections.  We battled ezcema and cradle cap with all the major brands including Johnson & Johnson’s on our other three children.

Although I realize there are many factors that can contribute to these skin conditions,  I honestly feel that using organic products such as the Earth Mama baby wash has made a huge difference this time around.  My youngest has had almost ZERO issues with dry skin.

Besides this product, I’ve only used coconut oil a handful of times in the past year as a moisturizer and we’ve been good to go.

Tip:  Coconut oil also works great as a natural diaper rash ointment.

2.  Honest Company Diapers & Wipes

So, back to those nagging skin issues that seem to run in our family:  diaper rash was another huge problem with our first three children.

We started cloth diapering our son a few years ago (baby #3) and that helped tremendously.

With baby #4 I planned to cloth diaper again and I do on occasion, but not as much as I had originally planned.  Let’s face it, with 4 kids, life is hectic!

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I decided to try out the Honest Co. diapers right after my daughter was born last year.

Several things surprised me about these diapers.  One, they actually feel a little thicker and more substantial than other brands.

At first I thought they ran “small” because they didn’t have quite as much stretch as other brands, but once I loosened the waist tabs a bit, I really liked the way they fit.

(In my experience, the tabs don’t need to be touching for a good, secure fit.  They have less stretch but are just as effective).

I also liked that when I held my baby, there was a little more “fluff” between my arm and the “danger zone”, if you know what I mean.

I’ve been the target of too many blow-outs in cheap-o diapers!  So these actually feel softer, thicker and a little more like the cloth diapers that I love (but don’t have time to use & wash lately, unfortunately).

So the question is – did it prevent the diaper rash issues as I had hoped?

The answer for me was, YES.  Thank goodness.  I really don’t have any complaints about these diapers.

The prints are adorable; they contain plant-based odor blockers and are free of chemical fragrances (A HUGE plus for me); and they’re delivered to my doorstep on a schedule that I can change at any time as our needs change.

There are times when this subscription is out of my budget – I’ll be honest; and we simply pause the subscription and use Huggies when we need to.

I really miss the Honest brand when I’m not using them!

And the wipes!  They are thick, grippy, one-wipe-does-the-job type of wipes.

Again, no fragrance in these, and I can use these on baby’s face as well without causing irritation (or worrying about the chemicals).

3.  Organic Rompers

I had never really thought about the benefits of organic clothing in the past.  I figured if you weren’t going to eat that t-shirt, what did it matter?  🙂

After I found out how incredibly soft these Touched by Nature organic rompers were, however, I was sold on the concept!

Check current price on Amazon
I found these rompers to be inexpensive on Amazon, especially compared to other organic brands, and they were great for daytime as well as nighttime.

Not only are they made from cotton derived from a pesticide-free process that’s better for the environment, there are some indications that wearing organic clothing could mean fewer allergies for babies, who are more susceptible to chemical irritants.

4.  Stainless steel toddler cups and silicone lids

Most moms start introducing a sippy cup around 6 months of age.

Before my newest baby, I’ll admit I never thought much about what was in plastic sippy cups.

I assumed that as long as it was BPA free, it must be safe to use.  Recently I’ve read that this may not be true.

This has led me to use less and less plastics in our home in favor of other materials like glass and stainless steel.

I recently purchased a set of stainless steel drinking cups and silicone lids for both my baby and preschooler and after using them for several months now, they’re our favorites!

5.  Muslin and Bamboo Receiving Blankets

I am in love with muslin blankets!  I’ve tried several brands, including Bambino Land blankets, which are one of my favorites!  They’re incredibly soft, organic and made of breathable fabric that keeps baby from overheating.

Like organic clothing, organic muslin blankets are also grown free from pesticides which is something I hadn’t considered at first when searching for natural baby products.

Muslin baby blankets can really can serve multiple purposes – swaddle, burp cloth, stroller blanket, changing pad on-the-go, you name it.

Look for the oversized blankets such as 46×46 (the bigger, the better) which also makes a great nursing cover.

I’ve also found some great deals on these blankets at Amazon and I wrote another post all about how to find the best muslin swaddle blankets at the best prices.


Bambinoland Babies

Another great thing about these oversized blankets are that your child can use them well into the toddler and preschool years.

If you’re preparing for a new baby, headed to a baby shower soon or just looking for more natural baby products to try, each of the items listed in this post are great choices!


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  1. I love the Earth Mama Angel Baby products, and i just discovered Bambinoland during my current pregnancy. I can’t wait to use my swaddle blanket from them for little one due in December. I’m checking out those shoes though! Too cute!

  2. Nicole Thomas Dalbol

    Thank you so much for the amazing giveaway! I love Earth Momma products and those cute organic rompers are the Sweetest! I love anything with hedgies on them ❤
    I love Bambino Land Swaddles, they are the Softest! Thanks again. Hope to win for my sweet Baby Boy who is due any day now ???

  3. I like Water Wipes as well as the Honest Wipes. Also, Aquaphor Cleansing Baby Wash and Shampoo has a good rating on the EWG app and the Think Dirty app. Both of these apps help me find more natural products. Water Wipes and Aquaphor Baby lean towards safe products without breaking the bank!

  4. I love these products! We should really be focused on what we put in and on our children’s bodies as well as our own!

    1. I have to admit that’s something on my mind more and more lately! I’m definitely not 100% organic everything, but I try to look for healthier options when I can and these items are all pretty easy swaps. Thanks for stopping by Christina!

  5. I love the idea of soft soled shoes to allow for natural foot movement. I’m expecting my first daughter in February, so I’ll definitely have to get her some!

  6. I would love this for our fourth little boy arriving any day now! Poor guy is joining a land of hand me downs, so some new to him things would be nice! ?

  7. The Earth Mama Angel baby body wash & shampoo sounds amazing, my Lil guy has such sensitive skin. I try to get washes that don’t irritate his skin, most do. I’d love to give this a try.

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