Best Christian Parenting Blogs to Read in 2024

For reliable truth and encouragement, check out these Christian parenting blogs that we love to recommend.

It seems in these past few years of turmoil in the outside world, I find myself less and less on social media, and spending more time reading elsewhere.

Maybe you’re finding that you need to make some changes in your reading habits, too?

I’m simply becoming aware of the need to be more protective of my time and sanity. And it just isn’t found on Facebook!

Whereas social media can fill like a chaotic echo chamber, reading a well-written book or blog just brings me back to the “good old days”. You know, like circa 2012 or so. 😉

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Like most moms, I still find myself searching for solid Christian parenting wisdom when I’m facing a particular problem or need a unique perspective.

But I tend to turn to books and blogs more and more. I find it easier to manage the emails from my favorite select bloggers than keeping up with a never-ending social media feed.

Finding writers and teachers who have a consistent worldview and a balanced perspective is so important to me.

Refreshing Christian Parenting Blogs for 2024

There are some excellent, reliable voices I keep coming back to over the years, and new ones I’m discovering all the time.

Below are seven of our favorite Christian parenting blogs that we love to recommend.

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Best Christian Parenting Blogs to Read in 2024

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There are so many great Christian parenting blogs that it was really hard to narrow down this list!

If you have a favorite blog that focuses on Christian parenting, feel free to leave a comment below! We love finding new resources for our readers.

*Originally posted 1/24/22, last updated 3/24/24

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