Monat Review + 5-Month Update (and Summary of Research on the Controversial Hair Care Line)

I originally wrote about my Honest Review of Monat Hair Care for Postpartum Hair Loss in October 2017 (as a separate post).

Because I wanted to take the time to try the products for a longer time period, I posted a separate review including research I had done on Monat and (both positive and negative) experiences of other Monat users.

Below, you will find my original review as well as my 5-month update and some research on the products.

Original Monat Review:

When I was approached by a consultant to try Monat, I was intrigued because I had heard some great feedback about this brand from other moms in some of my Facebook groups.

*Note:  I received a free sample of several Monat products in exchange for this review.  All opinions expressed in this review are solely my own.

Living more naturally has been a goal of mine for the last few years, although I try to take a practical approach to most things in life (translation:  I still like my Oreos on occasion).

So, trying out a new hair care line with naturally-derived ingredients was a no-brainer for me.

When I was told that Monat has been shown to re-grow thinning hair due to postpartum hair loss, I was even more on board.

I used to have VERY thick hair in my younger years.  Four kids later, all that changed!

I ended up with dull, dry strands that definitely reflected my lack of attention and time to spend caring about it.

An Honest Review of Monat Hair Care

This post likely contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosure for more info.

Hair Care Back-Story

Before trying Monat, I had used many different brands of shampoo and conditioner.

I really don’t use other hair products except for hair spray as they seem to always weigh down my hair and cause buildup.

And, you should know that I’m just not one to fuss over my hair that much.

Sadly, hairstyling has never been my talent and I don’t like to spend time thinking about it!

I’m lucky to get out of the house on time these days, and having perfect hair is the least of my concerns.

In fact, if it weren’t for my sister who is a professional hair stylist, I’d probably still have “weenie-roll” bangs from the 8th grade.

Thanks, sis.  🙂

Brands I’ve Tried prior to Monat

My favorite store-brand that is more-natural than most is Not Your Mother’s.

I’ve been using their Shampoo and conditioner for quite a while now, on and off.

It works fairly well for my purposes and doesn’t seem to dry out my hair, cause much buildup or make my scalp itchy- which I can’t say for a lot of shampoos.

I seem to have super-sensitive skin (scalp included) and I try to avoid fragrances and things that might potentially cause a reaction.  (I discuss this in my DIY hand soap recipe post also.)

Not Your Mother’s does not contain any sulfates, parabens or dyes which is awesome for the low price tag.

With all that said, while this product does accomplish a little volume for me,  it doesn’t seem to make my hair extra shiny and I sometimes have trouble with frizz in humidity.

A salon brand I’ve used most recently is Nioxin, which is supposed to specifically “put your scalp in optimal condition for hair growth” – which is what any hair growth “formula” must accomplish.  (Direct quote from my sister.)

I do think Nioxin helped my hair to grow more than usual.  But other than that, it didn’t seem to help with shine or volume.

And the Nioxin conditioner I used did NOTHING for my hair (about as good as not using any at all).

I won’t even mention the vast other brands I’ve tried, but again, I’ve gotten a lot of birthday and Christmas hair-product-gifts from my sister over the years so I’ve had opportunity to try many of the top brands.

I had a friend who once referred to her collection of discarded hair products as her “drawer of broken dreams”.

Yeah, I’ve got one of those.

What Causes Postpartum Hair Loss Anyhow?

As I mentioned, I sought out products like Monat after having four kids and I should add that there are a variety of factors that can contribute to postpartum hair loss.

But in a nutshell, the drop in pregnancy hormones post-baby typically leads to shedding of hair for most moms.

Most people are also aware that stress can be a contributing factor to hair loss, and there’s even been shown to be a link between lack of sleep and hair loss.

I find this interesting because, obviously, new moms rarely get enough sleep!

I know I sure didn’t.

Woman looking down at her smiling baby.

Postpartum hair loss?

With that said, if your baby won’t sleep AT ALL, you should look into the Baby Sleep Made Simple programs by my friend and baby sleep expert, Jilly Blankenship.

Her programs have been a lifesaver for so many moms.

Related post:  Expert Baby Sleep Tips I Wish I Had Found MUCH Sooner

I think it’s important to consider all the factors that might be causing or making your hair loss worse.

And also keep in mind that if your hair loss is excessive or lasts beyond first year of baby’s life, you should talk to your doctor.

So there’s the long-winded back story to this review.  I like to be thorough!

But back to Monat.

My Initial Experience with Monat

 I was sent samples of Revive Shampoo, Renew Shampoo, and Revitalize conditioner.

I started using the Revive Shampoo and Revitalize conditioner and I did notice right away that it seemed to get my hair squeaky-clean and had more volume.

I was told it’s supposed to be great for removing all the buildup that other chemical-loaded products can cause.

After using this combo for about 2 weeks, I tried the Renew Shampoo with the same conditioner (Revitalize) for a few more weeks.

Personally, I liked the Renew Shampoo better.  It’s formulated for hydration, which I need!

And it’s probably just a preference thing, but it had a little thicker texture and seemed even more effective in cleansing.

This might just be from again, removing even more product buildup as I used Monat longer.

•The picture on the left is the day before I started using Monat. And the right is after using Monat for about three weeks.
Before and After Monat

(Before picture – I truly wish was better quality.  I’m terrible at curling the back of my hair too, ugh.  #BusyMomProblems)

One thing I found amazing: if you look at the right-hand picture, you can see how straight my hair is. This was after ONLY blow-drying with a Wet Brush.

Normally, I can’t get my hair this straight without using a straightening iron.  My hair is just wavy enough to not comply.

I think that Monat helped to smooth and relax my hair, and it was awesome to be able to skip the flat iron!

I had no issues with sensitive scalp, itchiness or any other reaction, as was expected.

Just a really clean feeling after each wash.

Also, I was able to go THREE days between washings with Monat, which I’ve never been able to do with other brands.

My hair is weird – it feels dry and brittle to the touch but it also typically gets very greasy if I go more than 2 days between washings.

So, three days was AWESOME for this busy mom.

Monat: The initial verdict

I think I would see even better results over time.

I am going to order the Magnify System and see how I like it over the next few months.

I have to admit I thought the prices were a little high for what I’m used to spending.

I’m frugal BUT I know that you sometimes have to spend a little more for quality natural products.

So this is one of those things you just have to weigh the benefit versus price.

Additionally, I think the cost would even out over time if I’m able to use less product via less frequent washings.

I’m told this is because Monat uses about a 20% higher concentration of product versus water compared to other brands.

You can check out my consultant, Melanie’s direct website link for more information on Monat.

At this point in time, I would definitely recommend this brand for anyone looking for a toxin-free hair care system that seems to be proven to make hair healthier and smoother – at least for me!

5-Month Update, Additional Thoughts and Research:

Based on feedback I’ve received, there apparently are a lot of women and moms searching for Monat hair reviews and wondering if Monat will be the holy grail for hair growth after having babies.

And it’s no wonder, because postpartum hair loss can be pretty concerning.

I think it’s true that our hair becomes a part of our identity as women and even though we gladly give up about everything for our children, we hope that our hair isn’t one of those things we have to sacrifice completely!

Young blonde mom fixing her young daughter's hair.

Five months ago, I had received a free sample of a few Monat products from a consultant in a mom-group I belonged to on Facebook, and I thought it would be fun to try out something new and blog about it.

Plus, my hair had taken a beating from four pregnancies and I thought the review might be intriguing to other moms who have experienced the same hair issues as I have over the years.

Just a reminder:  I am NOT an expert beauty / hair care blogger, nor do those topics really rank high in importance to me at this stage in my life.

(Translation:  I’m busy raising kids, I work mostly from home – and you’re not going to find me stressing over my appearance!)

However, I DO write about my semi-crunchy lifestyle and how I’ve been slowly incorporating products that promote more natural living in my home over the last few years.

I also write about work-from-home opportunities and I realize there may be moms considering Monat as a direct selling business opportunity.

Monat Review 5-month Update and a Summary of Research

Why I’m Writing This Updated Monat Review

It’s important to me that others who might be curious about the same types of products I’ve mentioned can trust that I’ve researched them to the best of my ability.

I want to provide an honest opinion that might help others in their own decision-making processes.

First of all:  I do not sell Monat (nor do I plan to), and I do not receive financial compensation from the sale of any of their products.

As I stated, I received a free sample in the beginning which anyone could receive from any consultant if they asked.

But neither my original post nor this post is a sponsored post — in other words, I’m not being paid to write Monat reviews.

So, when I started receiving questions about “hair detox” and readers wondering if I had lost hair, experienced sores on my scalp – obviously I wanted to know what they were talking about.

Clearly, there are a lot of people searching for answers about Monat products, their effectiveness and Monat hair growth reviews.

So I’m going to do my best to summarize my own results as well as what I’ve found through reading tons of articles about this company, the good and bad reviews and whether the customer complaints are something you should be concerned about.

First I’m going to talk about my personal results with Monat after using these products for a full five months now.

Then I’m going to discuss some information you might want to know before you consider using (or selling) Monat.

My results with Monat after 5 months:

At this point, my hair has grown quite a bit.  Here’s the progress from October 2017 to March 2018:

Review of Monat for Postpartum Hair Loss

It’s a little hard to compare the very first picture to the last two because I had (sloppily) curled my hair in the “before” picture, and it was rainy/humid that day as well.

I have not had my hair cut or colored since right before I started using Monat, so if you look at the last picture, you can easily see where my highlights have grown out, which is sort of a marker for how much growth I’ve had at this point.

Monat Review- Before and After

My experience so far:

1.  My hair is as long as it’s ever been.  In fact, the last time it was this long was right before my wedding (16 years ago).

In truth, it’s been 5 months and I’m way overdue for a cut/color.  But it’s not uncommon for me to go 3 or 4 months between cuts, and I’ve never seen my hair grow this fast before.

It typically gets very frizzy and unmanageable by this point.

I get asked about my hair almost daily and how fast it’s grown, so it’s definitely noticeable by others as well.

2.  My hair is a lot smoother, softer and straighter after blow-drying, without the use of a flat iron.

Again, in case you’re wondering, all I use to style my hair is an inexpensive blow dryer that I got on an Amazon lightning deal last year, and a Wet Brush.  Nothing fancy.

3.  I have not experienced any negative reactions such as hair loss, itching, breakouts, etc.

Thank goodness!  I have definitely had reactions to other shampoos and conditioners (only a few times though) – even expensive salon brands.

4.  I am still able to go at least 3 days between washings, sometimes 4, which I’ve never been able to do with any other products in the past.

So at this point, I’m very pleased with the products I’ve tried this far.

I do want to point out the EXACT products that I’ve used, which are the Renew Shampoo, Revitalize Conditioner, Air Dry Cream, Super Moisture Masque, and the Refinish Control Hairspray.

Most of the time, I just use the Renew Shampoo, Revitalize conditioner and Refinish hairspray and less frequently use the other products mentioned.  (Back to that low-maintenance mom thing!)

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room (or maybe it’s more obvious than that):

Does Monat Cause Hair Loss and Other Negative Side Effects for some people?

This seems to be the million-dollar question, quite literally.

When I started researching “negative Monat reviews”,  I discovered there are numerous complaints and even class-action lawsuits being filed against Monat, from women claiming Monat caused serious damage to their scalp and hair.

A quick search of “Monat Reviews” on YouTube seemed to highlight many more negative than positive experiences with Monat.

The main allegations are by women who have experienced symptoms ranging from from mild to extreme hair loss – losing hair in clumps, resulting in bald spots and even open sores on the scalp.

But is this a case of the “the squeaky wheel gets the grease?”

And why would a product that is marketed as being “naturally based, safe and pure” seem to have such severe side effects for so many people?

From what I can gather, it does appear that there is an unknown percentage of women who are particularly sensitive to some of the ingredients found in Monat products.

One ingredient that is speculated to be a culprit in many of these claims is Capixyl.

Capixyl has been around for a few years as an agent to promote hair growth but it hasn’t yet been cleared by the FDA, unlike Monoxidil which is used in Rogaine, for example.

Note:  Monat has addressed the negative claims here, stating:  “MONAT uses ingredients considered safe for cosmetic use by FDA and European Commission. All MONAT products are made in facilities that are GMP certified, registered with the FDA operated in accordance with FDA regulations and that are subject to FDA audit and inspection.”

(Update:  the above-referenced page where I found this quote has apparently been taken down since I wrote this post.)

From what I am reading, the ingredients themselves are considered safe, but the drug Capixyl, a biomimetic signal peptide which is a combination of ingredients, has not actually been cleared by the FDA.

Friends, this stuff is a little complex. Bear with me!

Capixyl contains red clover, which is a natural substance that has been used traditionally for regulating hormones.

According to Web MD, “Red clover contains ‘isoflavones’ which are changed in the body to ‘phytoestrogens’ that are similar to the hormone estrogen.”  The interactions information for red clover actually states that “Large amounts of red clover might have some of the same effects as estrogen”.

For this reason, cancer patients in particular should know that if they’re taking Tamoxifen they should not use products containing red clover.

I say this because I would guess that cancer patients could be a target audience for a product that is supposed to promote hair growth.

In this recent news story, a Monat spokesperson contends that their products are thoroughly tested and that there is no warning label regarding Capixyl because the amount of the controversial ingredient isn’t enough to warrant concern.

They also point to independent clinical studies on the safety and effectiveness of Capixyl.

Marketing Concerns

It seems likely that where the problem really lies is in how the products were marketed to certain consumers.

I’ve read several accounts of customers who experienced the hair loss and sores on their scalp and were told that these were “detox symptoms” by their consultants and that they needed to push through to see the positive results later.

I have searched for information about this “hair detox” term and have spoken with my sister about it as well, who is a stylist at a very reputable high-end salon.

There doesn’t seem to be any real science to prove that hair loss and open sores are part of any natural process your scalp should go through in order to regrow hair.

Monat Review - Update

Hair detox?

In fact, any reputable hair professional or doctor will tell you that if you experience these symptoms, you are clearly having a reaction to the ingredients and you should discontinue use immediately.

Although Monat refers to a “detoxifying process” on their website, they also clearly state that damage to your hair and scalp are not part of this process.

So, is Monat really “natural” or not?

It’s important to note that the term “naturally-derived” simply means that some ingredients from nature were used to create the product…which has ingredients not occuring in nature added to it, of course.

I knew that when I started using Monat that it wasn’t a chemical-free product, but that it is supposed to contain far less toxins than your average hair care products.

And I also understand that anyone can have a sensitivity or allergic reaction to just about any product.

Another thing I didn’t put a lot of thought into however, is that there are other natural ways to grow your hair longer and stronger, and there are many online resources to teach you how to do this.

This is something else to consider before investing a ton of money in a natural hair product line.

Concerning fragrances

I’ve written a few different articles which mention my own sensitivities to products containing synthetic fragrances (I’ll list these at the end of the post).

I prefer to make my own  foaming hand soapface wash and avoid laundry soap with added fragrance.

So, I was a little disappointed that I somehow missed the fact that Monat does contain synthetic fragrances.

I noticed “fragrance” on the label as soon as I received my products in the mail.  I, like most people, probably zoomed in on the possibility of thicker hair with Monat and overlooked it.

Monat’s website states this:  “We use fragrances with ingredients approved as safe by the Research Institute for the Fragrance Material (RIFM) and the International Fragrance Association (IFRA). RIFM is the scientific authority for the safe use of fragrance materials.”

As for me personally, I have not experienced the problems with Monat that I would normally associate with fragrance sensitivities.  (Dry, itchy, tender scalp.)

I HAVE had sensitivities to other shampoos with strong fragrances in the past.

Will I continue to use Monat in light of this (somewhat confusing) information?

To be honest, I’m not sure, and I’ll tell you why in a second.

The fact that Monat might not be as “natural” as I might have originally thought isn’t an absolute deal-breaker for me.

As I’ve said over and over, the term “natural” and “healthy” can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people.

For me, it’s finding a balance with products that are the least toxic (as possible), but actually work.

So, in the “less toxic” and “gets results” categories, Monat meets those marks for me – at least as of now.

But the one nagging thing that disturbs me in all of this is the attitude that seems to be portrayed by executives at Monat as they are addressing the claims of hair loss and other damage experienced by consumers.

They are basically countering these claims with more negativity, stating that the women who have come forward are completely making up the information, falsifying photographs, and simply trying to redirect business to other competitors.
Monat review - update and research on this hair care line. Does it really help regrow hair? #Monat #Hair #Shampoo

Could this be happening?

Your guess is as good as mine, but it seems illogical that a handful of women would go to such great lengths in an attempt to defame a multi-billion dollar company.

According to one report, the FDA is currently investigating 187 adverse reports related to Monat products.

This seems to be reminiscent of the Wen FDA investigation which has been ongoing since 2016.

Consumers reported many of the same symptoms with Wen products, although the number of claims was much higher (1,386 adverse event reports as of November 2016).

This article from Buzzfeed explains the lawsuit Monat is filing against one particular customer (and former consultant).

Maybe this is standard in the beauty industry to go to these great lengths to protect their reputation – I have no idea.

But I didn’t get the impression that the Monat executives were very empathetic at all to customers alleging very serious side effects from their products.

Monat Research – In summary

One important thing to keep in mind for each one of us:  MLM consultants who are selling you a hair product likely do not have the same level of expertise as a well-trained hair care professional, nor the experience of dealing with hundreds or thousands of heads of hair.

Talk to a trained, reputable stylist about what hair products are beneficial for you.

Just because something is marketed as “natural” doesn’t mean it’s necessarily safe for everyone.

Remember that essential oils are natural and can be very beneficial, but are also potent in large doses.  Anyone can have an adverse reaction to a given oil.

And PLEASE talk to your doctor if you experience any adverse reactions to any hair or skin care products.

I don’t care if your best friend is selling it to you, your health should be the priority!

I truly hope that any potential problems with these products are resolved quickly, and that more information will be available for all of us in the future.

While I’m no hair and beauty expert, clearly, I would hate to recommend any product that turns out to be more harmful than helpful to you!

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Monat hair product review: before and after, and what you should know before investing in Monat for postpartum hair loss. #Monat #Hairandbeauty #Motherhood

40 thoughts on “Monat Review + 5-Month Update (and Summary of Research on the Controversial Hair Care Line)”

    1. Before I did this research I had ordered the shampoo from the Monat Junior’s line to use on my 2 year old’s hair which is thin and tangles easily. It does work really well on my daughter’s hair and she has not had any reaction to the product. I would research the ingredients in this particular product if you have concerns.

  1. Dear Brandi,

    Thank you for the insights. I was doing research on whether I would invest in the Monat products as I have substantially lost about 50% of my hair with age due to genetics and thyroid disease. You’ve saved me a lot of time and work. A great read. Keep up the good work!

  2. I’ve only used Monat three times andhave this awful itchy rash on my thigh probably15 inches long it only came when I got this new product when you talk about rash could it be on a different part of your body other than scalp?

  3. I really loved your review thank you for your article. I am a market partner with Monat so I wanted to say one thing that bothered me at the end. I’m also a pharmacist. Actually a compounding pharmacist so breaking down products ingredient by ingredient is my specialty. I’m also a daughter of life long salon owners so I know a thing or two about hair. I wouldn’t be so quick to judge those selling the product – a lot of us have put a lot of time and effort into researching our products. I’ve walked into salons pitching these products and I’m sorry but some of the stylists know far less than I do about hair. So my suggestion to the client is do your own research from legit resources don’t just take someone else’s word for it.


    1. I agree with that point- everyone should do their own research. There can be uneducated stylists as well as uneducated salespersons pitching Monat products. My biggest problem with this particular company is not so much that market partners are intentionally misleading customers (I don’t think that is really the case), but the unprofessional/uncaring attitude that seems to be portrayed by execs at the very top, in response to customer complaints.

  4. Hi,
    I am 6 months postpartum. I have been using Monat for close to a year. I started while I was pregnant. I have been experiencing pretty extreme hair loss since I had my baby 6 months ago. It hasn’t slowed down yet. I’m concerned as to whether this is the hormones or the shampoo. Any opinions on whether Monat could be causing this? I love this product other than the hair loss (which again, I don’t know if it’s being caused by the product or not) I’m not sure how long post partum hair loss continues and wondering if anyone can offer some input based on their own experiences. Thank you!

    1. Postpartum hair loss can be normal and for many it does start in pregnancy, BUT I’m not a doctor so I really can’t answer that. However, as I mentioned there are many testimonials online that you can find of some people having a negative reaction to the product and one of those reactions is allegedly hair loss. This article states that postpartum hair loss usually peaks around the 4 month mark after giving birth but other sources I’ve read also state 6-12 months. If it’s extreme hair loss – and it were me – I would consider talking to your doctor to rule out hormones / thyroid or other factors that could be causing it. And maybe discontinue the product for a few months to see if that makes a difference. I hope this resolves for you soon!

  5. I’ve been using Monat for about 18 months. My teenage daughter has been using it for about 16 months. We both have fine hair strands but lots of hair. Neither of us have had any reactions to the products and we both feel like our hair is in great shape and can withstand all of the heat styling that we do to our hair. My hairdresser that I’ve been going to for a long time said that this is best shape she’s ever seen my hair in. My daughters hairdresser told her at her last cut that she has beautiful hair in awesome shape and to never dye it because it’s such a great color. Our experience with Monat has only been positive so far.

    1. That’s great that it’s working well for you both! Which products are you using? I would be interested to know. I never intended for this article to cast Monat in a negative light -but to make readers aware of potential reactions that some seem to experience. I did not experience any negative side effects either.

  6. After losing about half of my hair volume due to thyroid issues, I was absolutely thrilled to find Monat’s Intense Repair system (I think they call it “Let it Grow”). My hair seriously rebounded almost immediately. I had pretty large “power allies” at my temples where I would need to pull my bangs forward to hide them. After about two weeks, my hairline was almost completely filled in with brand new inch-long growth. I never lost hair or had patches like some reviews. It did make my hair tangly when using the shampoo, but using any conditioner solved that. My hair is much thicker overall and I can actually sweep my bangs to my side without fear of showing my receding hair line. My only gripe is the stupidly large expense ($100 each month) and the recurring subscription. The website does not make it easy to postpone your order a month … it’s possible, but you have to pay attention and make sure you’ve clicked until you have it confirmed.I’ve been using Monat for about 18 months and am afraid to go off of it! I wish there was (and maybe there is) a lower cost, over the counter option.

    1. I’m in the same spot right now, Michelle – I like the products but they’re not very affordable for the average mom. And if your child dumps it down the drain (which happens!) you’re thinking, that’s a weeks’ worth of groceries right there! I’ve taken a break from Monat currently and I’m back to using Nioxin. My sister keeps telling me to just massage my scalp and the thinning areas when I wash my hair and that might help as much as the shampoo. Some people also use Almond oil and massage it a very small amount. If I find a cheap miracle substitute to Monat I’ll have to write about it for sure!

  7. Nicole Vanden Bosch

    Hi there, this has been one of three best monat reviews, very objective and honest! Ive been using it for about a month and my hair gets super greasy by day 2 (which it never used to and itchy). Like you mentioned everyone keeps saying it’s the detox stage (which their verbage in my head makes sense, it’s getting rid of all the gunk and build up from years of silicones and waxes in most products)… so i’m willing to stick it out if that’s correct, but i also don’t want to continue if that’s my hair telling me it’s an allergic reaction?? Any thoughts? I’ve basically just noticed normal hair shedding nothing out of the ordinary, just confused about the greasiness and itchiness, would APPRECIATE yours or anyone else insight! Thank you!

    1. I’m not sure about the greasiness, but are you washing it twice? They recommend shampooing once for removing product buildup (I believe) and then the second time for a more thorough cleansing. Then follow up with conditioner. I’ve also been told to make sure you’re using conditioner consistently (from my hairstylist-sister) because your hair will over-produce oil if you deprive it of moisture. As for the itchiness and hair loss…I’d keep on eye on that. In my personal experience itchiness was a sign I was sensitive to an ingredient in the shampoo (not Monat, but other brands). Hair loss should only be temporary IF it’s truly a sign of “detox” although I could not find any evidence that that is a real “thing”. And based on the customer complaints as mentioned, just watch out for sores on your scalp- that’s a definite sign that something is wrong and time to discontinue use. I hope you do see good results! Thanks for taking the time to read and comment, Nicole 🙂

  8. Excellent read!
    I’m not associated with the company, other than signing up recently to be a VIP member. I started my journey about 7 months ago when a co-worker gave me a sample at the office. I immediately seen a different in my hair, much softer than my normal shampoo. I have commitment issues so I wasn’t SOLD on signing up right away, but i did want to give the shampoo and conditioner a try, so I purchased the volume system for full retail price.

    I have very fine (But lots of it), limp hair that does not grow past my shoulders, so my co-worker recommended the volume system. After the horrid detox phase that lasted 3 weeks… of continuously greasy hair I started to see a difference of volume in my hair. I’m now on month 7, and just purchased my first VIP order of the black shampoo, dry shampoo, and rejuvabeads. The volume system did last me 6 months, after the detox phase I can now go 2-3 days between washes which I could NEVER do before, I had to faithfully wash my hair everyday.
    Overall, I’m VERY happy with the products, they are expensive but my hair is feeling great, it’s the longest and healthiest it’s ever been since I was 14. I highly recommend.

  9. Glad I found your review. My son’s girlfriend recently started using and now sells Monat. Her mom and sister also use it. They have had great results and I have seen before and after photos of all. I just used it for the first time today. Took a before and after photo. I have been complaining to my hairdresser for months about a dry frizzy patch in the back of my hair. Thinking it is hormonal (I am 48). After one use with Monat (I used the Revive shampoo and conditioner), my hair was soft, smooth and I have heavy blonde highlights and the blonde looked even more blonde. Not sure if this happened because some of the buildup was removed. Whatever the reason, it looked better. I also used a drop of their hair oil. Love it and it smells like lemons!! I have only used once but no side effects. My mom and sister-in-law also have samples and I cannot wait to get their feed back. All three of us have different hair so it will be interesting to see how it works for them.

    1. It’s so interesting to me how varied the results are for different people. I took a break from Monat for a little bit recently and went back to it because my hair was drying out and seemed thinner right after I stopped using it. It’s already shinier and healthier after using it again for the last month.

  10. I really appreciate this blog post and the honesty coming from the post and comments! I just signed up to sell and have spent hours doing research when I came across this one. And I just wanted to put a comment out there for a few concerns in the comments. If you are having concerns with your hair (like some comment about excessive grease) I would highly recommend talking to your sponsor to make sure you’re using the best products for you. The whole point as a Market Partner is to help pick the best suited products for each INDIVIDUALS specific hair type. Not to blanket everyone with the same thing. As well as post-poning the flex ship date every 2 months. A really good sponsor should be watching this date and talking with you about pushing this date! I would recommend finding a good one if you just signed up alone or speaking with other partners if you have concerns!!

  11. Great impartial review. Using a topical product like shampoo to fight hair loss seems illogical to me, especially since post parting hair loss is mostly caused by hormone deficiency and can easily be cured in many cases simply by taking prenatal vitamins, but I’ll admit I’m curious what all the fuss is about. I’ll stick to b5.

    1. I have also started taking a supplement with B vitamins among other things, and I agree that hair loss (even postpartum hair loss) is definitely something that should be approached holistically. That said, I’ve found that it never hurts to use products that don’t coat your hair with silicone and other junk that you don’t need (hence the reason I’m still using Monat for now) 🙂 Thanks for reading!

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  13. My daughter in law and I tried it at her moms house and loved it till we saw the price. Her mom was nice enough to give us a bottle of both the shampoo and conditioner in July and have since given us 2 more of both. U have had no problems with it but she has gotten really dry and flakey scalp but I think it is because she is washing it to much. I can go up to a week without washing it and love it. Neither one of us has had any of the problems from detox that I have read here. I have had like baby curls at the base of my head for years that never grew but now are almost long enough to pull up in a pony with the rest of my hair. I don’t know how much longer we will be able to use it because neither one of us can afford it but we will see.
    Thank you so much for posting this so people get an idea of what they are using.

    1. I agree that the price is NOT affordable. I also personally don’t like that you have to have a recurring subscription. It’s easy to forget and end up with too much product. I do think washing it too frequently can be a problem because it really seems to do a good job stripping off buildup – but also necessary oils, if you overwash.

  14. I am 69 years old and decided to try Monat products because of all the hype. My hair was thinning and I read how beneficial the Intensive Renewal product line was. I started using the products in February, 2018. By July, I was in the Dermatologist’s office with scaley scalp and hair falling out daily. I stopped using the products. By September, I had to stop coloring my hair and it continued to fall out. Three more Dermatologist appointments and about 30% of my hair left on my head, I resorted to wigs. I was in contact with Monat and when they determined I was not going to sue them, they pretty much blew me off and told me to stop using their products. They offered no compensation and didn’t want the biopsy report from my Dermatologist. My advice is this: If you begin to have any reaction at all, stop using the products. The worst is yet to come. A biopsy indicated contact dermatitis. I’ve turned the corner now (it’s January, 2019) and my hair is beginning to come in. However, whether I will ever be able to color it is TBD. My formerly dark hair is coming in silver white adding 10 years. I’m just glad I have some hair. My Doc wasn’t sure it wasn’t permanent scarring which would have left me with no hair for the rest of my life. Be aware that Monat products are not for everyone!

  15. I’m 60 & have been using Monat for 3 months. Two small scabs on my forehead hairline as well as small itchy patches have developed over the past two weeks. A $25 fee will be charged if I cancel my VIP subscription. I’m considering continued use of my Monat products for one more month or until another scalp development occurs solely because my hair hasn’t looked this good in 30 years. What do you think?

    1. I am not a doctor but if it were me personally, I would discontinue use. I would be concerned about the scabs especially as that sounds like a reaction to something in the product. Unless, of course, you’ve ruled out other causes or products you’ve used recently that could have caused it.

  16. Not only did their products make my hair fall out and give me sores on my scalp, they will not let me cancel. I guess I have to cancel my card with the bank. I have called. I have written and they insist on sending me this product that is caustic and dangerous. They are they most dishonest, unethical company I have ever dealt with! BUYER BEWARD!

  17. Awesome article. I’m a Monat market partner and faithful user… I get frustrated when people think I shouldn’t use it cuz someone they know had issues, I’ve used for 3 years with amazing success.

    I would love the link of this article so I could share on my blog. May I get it please

  18. I’ve been using Monat for a little over a year now. At first, it seemed to be amazing. My hair felt softer and smoother than ever. Recently I had noticed my hair becoming, straw-like and when I wash my hair, globs of hair come out. I haven’t had hair-loss like that since I had my last baby(5years ago).
    I am going to stop usage and see what happens.
    Last night, I used my daughters Ogx brand shampoo and finally didn’t have a scary amount of hair in my hands to rinse off.

    1. At this point, I am finding the same thing, Laura. I have not updated this post in a while, but I have stopped using Monat for now. I actually stopped and started twice. It DOES make my hair look great for a few months, and then it dries out, it seems. I kind of have a theory that because it’s so good at “stripping” out the silicones and other buildup, it is somewhat too efficient and strips your hair of other good things it might need to be healthy? Again, just a thought. My hair was starting to fall out a little more than normal so I stopped using it and the hair loss has stopped and my hair looks a lot healthier (with drugstore shampoo).

  19. I have only been using MONAT for two months, at first I was loving my hair my ends were healthy, my blowout lasted a whole week. But the lastime I used the Smoothing shampoo and conditioner my hair fell out in an excessive amount, my scalp was sore and itchy. I hadn’t dyed my hair or used any othe products other than MONAT. It’s been 3 weeks since and it feels the same, when used another hair care line it didn’t fall out but I still feel soreness. I’m assuming it’s not for everyone being that most people don’t have this problem. As a cosmetic professional I just recommend to anyone else to completely stop using the brand if you’re getting side effects. I sell many brands and have never heard of this type of issue. It’s very weird.

  20. Thank you for the great read Brandi! It’s interesting to compare people’s reactions/experiences. I do not use any Monat products, and likely won’t. After reading some of these comments, it seems like similar negative experiences to what has happened to avid users of the no-poo method (baking soda shampoo with an ACV rinse). With the no-poo method, they say your hair goes through a minor detox, is super shiny and healthy for months to years, and then gets more and more dry over time, with some people losing hair… It’s something about the baking soda, and that it’s so good at stripping away buildup that it becomes harsh for your scalp over time. Just overall very interesting. I have been using Shea Moisture for some time now — considering switching to Alaffia or Not Your Mother’s (per your first article about Monat). Thanks again for the honest review!

  21. This is a great review as it is clearly balanced and well researched. As a writer myself I appreciate good writing! Anyway, I got persuaded by a friend to invest in the products and my head is itchy and sore in places and my hair is greasy after only 3 washes (I followed all the instructions). To be honest I am gutted as I wanted my pre-pregnancy hair back but I may have to accept that at my age it isn’t going to happen. I am £72 down with useless bottles on my shelf, which I won’t risk using again. My body knows when it doesn’t like something so I need to listen to it. My friend sent me a list of the ingredients but I am not sure how that is helpful really when I don’t know which one irritates my skin. I find most shampoos do and lots of skin products. Back to ogx for me! That seems to be the best one I could find in the shops that is pretty much sulphate free.

  22. Hey! This is a good review with alot of good honest comments on it. I just started using monat. Maybe a couple weeks ago. I’m 30 years old and up until the last couple years I have always had Long, Thick, Beautiful Healthy hair. I LOVED my HAIR! A FEW YEARS AGO I started working as a drywall taper, so I do alot of sanding. The dust dries out my hair and scalp really really bad. On top of that I spent many years box dying my hair, and straight ironing it every day of my teenage years to early 20’s. So my hair has taken a real beating.
    But when I started working in the dust it went from bad to horrific fast.

    The hair at the middle to ends is fried, frizzy with split ends and is thicker then the hair on top of my head which if flat and thinning. My scalp is super dry and flakey. And stress causes me to scratch and pick at my head which only makes my scalp worse. I end up giving myself sores and balding spots. My hair line is receding and thinning. If I let it ait dry or even blow dry it is extremely frizzy and all over the place and just looks like shit. Ironing it will tame it but it’s still frizzy and fried looking. And I have to put all kinds of shit in the top of it so it doesn’t look so flat on my head. I tried all the hair care that is suppose to repair your hair. I found any shampoo that is supposed to put moisture back in your hair makes the top of my head feel greesy and limp. And nothing fixed it.

    I decided to give monat a try. I girl I known started selling it and gave me some samples and I noticed a big difference just with the little sample using it once. My hair felt lighter, cleaner, and softer… but she didn’t really know a enough about hair and the product to really give me guidance as to what I should be using as I have so many issues with hair and scalp. So I was directed to a Rep who really knew her stuff.

    I want my hair to grow longer and grow in thicker on top but she said that the products that really target hair growth can be a little hard on the scalp. So I’m really glad I didn’t start off with one of thoes or I’m sure I would have had a bad reaction. She suggested starting with a base system to start treating my hair and removing the years of built up silicon and other crap but will also be gentle on my scalp. She said we would start with a base and then have to treat one thing at a time. So my advice is to make sure you are talking to someone who has the knowledge. She also told me if I’m going to use a heat protector spray that’s just bought from the store to make sure it’s silicon free. I never would have known any of this if I would have just ordered what ever through my friend. I ended up ordering through my friend in the end as I wanted to help her out as she was just getting started in the business. The other lady is really high in the ranks. I told her I ordered through my friend but I still go to her for advice and information. The fact that she didn’t blow me off when she found out I ordered through my friend and is still happy to help me shows she cares about people and not just sales. When it comes to ordering through any distributor/Rep make sure they are well educated and if you take a few minutes to try and get to know the person you will find out if they care about really helping you or if they just want your money. A bad Rep doesn’t mean the company or their product is bad.

    So I have only been using the product for a few weeks. I was given two options to use as a base system. I chose the smoothing styling system as she told me that when she uses it that she doesn’t have to style her hair. I love it. It doesn’t leave it feeling greasy, but it’s really soft and smooth and my hair feels alot lighter since I have started using it. I can feel it stripping the shit out of it but in a gentle clean way. It hasn’t bothered my scalp at all. In fact my scalp is getting a little better. Normally even if I blow dry my hair it’s still a disaster and I have to braid it or wear it up. I wouldn’t be caught dead with my hair down unless it was ironed straight and even then I hated it. Now I can blow dry it and it looks ok down. It’s not nearly as frizzy as it normally is. I use the smoothing shampoo and conditioner and blow out cream. The cream gives it a little volume. And I use a silicon free heat protection spray. The conditioner is AMAZING!! With normal conditioner I have to use a Ton of it. With this I only need a little bit.

    I did sign as a VIP it’s $110 for all 3 products but they will last me at least 3 or 4 months. The fleg ship is on order every 2 or 3 months and you need to do it 3 times to stay a VIP. But you can push your order back a month as many times as you want until you need your next order. Yes it sucks you have to commit to 3 orders to get the cheaper but still expensive price but most of these kind of companies are the same way. If you want to try it without the commitment find someone in the same country as you that sells it and for a sample ask to buy a single order to try off them personally. So your just paying cash/Etransfer for it and not ordering off the site. Then they can just ship it to you or meet up with you if you find someone in your city 🙂

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