6 MORE Legitimate Work From Home Jobs for Moms

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Are you a mom looking for legitimate work from home job opportunities?  If so, you definitely aren’t alone.

Since I started working from home five years ago (mostly – you can read more about my journey here), I have received so many questions from other women and moms who want/need to earn an income – but also desire to be at home with their kids.

After starting this blog, I decided that one of my goals was to explore a variety of legitimate work from home jobs for moms and write about them so that moms who want to pursue an online career can find the information they need.

I also want others to see that it IS possible to earn extra income or even a full-time income from home.

My last post about work from home job opportunities was incredibly popular so I’m following it up with 6 more jobs that I believe many moms will be interested in learning more about.

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6 MORE Great Work-from-Home Ideas

As I mentioned in my last post, I researched a ton of work from home opportunities before deciding to start a blog.  Ultimately, I felt that blogging was the best fit for my skills, experience and passion.

If blogging is something you’ve been thinking about, I would recommend reading this article where I discuss why I decided to start a Mom Blog.  It includes a guide that will set you on the right track to starting a successful blog.

Otherwise, here are six work at home ideas that I fully believe (through research) are legitimate ways to earn a profit online.  One of these could be your new work-from-home adventure:

#1.  Resell items with Amazon FBA

Have you heard of the Larrew Family, also known as “The Selling Family?”.  They are experts in selling on Amazon and they are killing it in the online business world.  Jessica Larrew was able to make a 6-figure profit in her first year selling full-time on Amazon through retail arbitrage.

What does this all mean: FBA, arbitrage? FBA is “fulfilled by Amazon”, and “arbitrage” simply means finding low-priced items (such as on Target clearance) and reselling them to make a profit.

So you “source” the items (find them & purchase them), pack & ship to Amazon and they fulfill the orders for you as the items sell.  You get to keep the profit – the cost of the sold item minus what you paid, less any fees.

If this sounds like an interesting prospect, I would highly recommend taking a look at Jessica’s course to get started on the right track.  With any online business, I believe you need to invest in the right tools in order to be successful, and the Larrew’s training will help you with this.

That said, this is a business that is fairly inexpensive to start but can produce high yield with proper training and technique.

I think this is an excellent opportunity for families who want to work from home.  I strongly considered doing this as a side business several months ago and read through as much information as I could find about Amazon FBA.

It’s definitely a legitimate way to earn an income as a stay-at-home parent.  You could take your children with you to find low-priced items to resell, and/or you can even “source” your clearance products online.  Jessica explains this in detail in her course.

#2.  Start a Drop Shipping Business

Owning an online store and managing your inventory can come with loads of overhead costs which significantly cut into your profit as a business owner.

With a drop shipping business, you can set up an online store and your supplier actually ships the merchandise directly to your customers.  This means you hold no physical inventory and do not have to invest money directly into said products.

You’re basically the middleman between your customer and your supplier; that’s not to say there isn’t a lot of work involved, however!

Drop shipping is appealing to new entrepreneurs who want to own a business without a ton of startup costs typically associated with traditional models.  I would recommend checking out this article to see an overview of all the pros and cons of a drop shipping business versus an inventory-held model.

It’s critical to spend time researching which items are popular and will do well in today’s online marketplace before deciding on the type of store you will launch.

A few examples of drop shipping businesses you could start include:  women’s or children’s clothing boutique; jewelry or other women’s accessories; tech accessories (phone cases, etc); health & wellness products and baby products.

Digital Nomad Soul has a great post that can help you set up your own drop shipping business on the Shopify platform.

#3.  Set up an Etsy or Ebay Shop

You’re probably familiar with Etsy, a well-known platform for (mostly) handmade items of all kinds.

You could sell everything from jewelry, to handmade baby items (think bows, bibs, photography props), candies and canned jellies, to vintage items, to personalized t-shirts and tumblers and wooden signs (put that Cricut machine to work!).  There really is a HUGE list of items you could potentially profit from on Etsy.

Etsy is obviously an excellent way for crafters and creatives to market their products to a much larger audience than they can reach via their local craft fairs and vendor events.

And don’t forget about digital products.  Printables such as clip art, gift tags and planners are hot products on Etsy these days.  You could also consider printable party supplies, artwork and even resume templates!  Read more about how to create digital downloads for Etsy here.

Like just about any online business, you should research which items are popular and decide how best to market your products and make your shop stand out from the rest.  There’s definitely much more involved to running a successful Etsy business than simply setting up a seller’s account and listing products.

I found this guide to be a pretty comprehensive resource for the process of brainstorming, doing market research, pricing, to actually setting up your shop as a competitive seller on Etsy.

For Ebay, I recently discovered a GREAT resource for learning how to resell items for a profit online.

The Flea Market Flipper University offers 3 different levels of courses for beginning sellers all the way through advanced.  Rob and Melissa at Flea Market Flippers have perfected the art of flipping items for profit and were able to turn their flipping hobby into a full-time business which earned them $133,000 last year!

Their course will teach you how to maximize your online sales potential without having to sell at high-volume; their formula focuses on learning which items you can flip for the greatest profit, which keeps you from wasting your time selling TONS of smaller items for a very small return.

They also cover in detail how to ship items without losing all your profit in shipping costs.

I used to sell frequently on Ebay, and shipping products today is much easier than it was years ago when you had to lug all your items to the post office.  You can print almost any label at home and schedule a package pickup from your front porch — another great benefit for moms with little ones at home.

This is obviously a work at home opportunity that could allow you great flexibility, work any hours you choose and take your kids along with you as you find items to flip (much like Amazon FBA).

However, if I were to start a flipping business, I would want to learn the best way to get started by those who’ve actually been successful – so that you can start earning sooner rather than later.

The Flea Market Flipper University courses are only available during certain times of the year, as the course creators want to be involved with and available to their students to answer questions. (I’m always impressed by online courses that offer one-on-one support, it’s not that common!).

To see course availability, get on the waitlist or enroll in the Flea Market Flipper University, go to the course page here.

I’m going to leave you this link also (it’s free):

Beginner Flipping Webinar

 When the main courses are not in open enrollment, watch this webinar to see if these courses are right for you- and be sure to listen for the special offer at the end!  (Very worthwhile.)


#4.  Start a YouTube Channel

Starting a profitable YouTube channel is similar to learning to blog, in the sense that you’re a “content marketer.”  You decide what your content will be – and how you will earn money through your business (sponsorships, advertising, etc.).

Video marketing is becoming an increasingly popular way to deliver content.  This makes sense, as YouTube is now the second largest search engine next to Google.  Forbes reports that 4 in 5 millennials view videos when researching a product they plan to purchase.

And like blogging, there are a billion topics to choose from when it comes to deciding what you will create and market.  YouTube offers Creator Academy education – free videos that can help you learn the ropes, including topics such as discovering your niche.

Here’s a helpful article on how to get started with your YouTube channel, from the perspective of a mom blogger who focuses on lifestyle/DIY topics.

We’ve all heard about the YouTube stars who’ve made a tidy living playing with toys on camera.  Seriously.  So think outside the box, do your research, decide what you’re passionate about and go for it!

#5.  Start a Virtual Bookkeeping Business

Bookkeeping is one of those practical jobs that will always be in demand, pays very decently and can easily be performed at home.  And, you don’t necessarily need an accounting degree to do it.

Practical experience is helpful, such as having worked as a bookkeeper in an office setting or performed basic accounting tasks as an office manager.

However, if you have good computer and communication skills, there is online training available to get you started in this field even without experience.

Ben Robinson, a former CPA firm owner, started a business for this very purpose, to teach others how to start a virtual bookkeeping business.  Check out his free course for more information.

Online jobs for moms that can be done from home and most require NO experience. #OnlineJobs #WorkAtHome #Motherhood #WorkingMom

#6.  Grade Tests Online

Lastly, here’s an option for those that don’t want to start their own business necessarily, but still want the flexibility of working from home.

If you live in the U.S., have teaching experience, a degree or some college education, you could apply to work as Test Scorer.  From my research, the pay with most test scoring companies typically starts around $10/hour but you can earn much more based upon your performance and experience.

There are several companies that hire remote workers to grade everything from standardized tests for grade school students to tests for ESL learners to Praxis exams for teachers.

You can search for test scoring opportunities at:




Measurement Inc



I hope you discover the perfect work from home opportunity that fits your needs and lifestyle as a mom.  I have four kids (two still at home) and while it’s not easy balancing all the duties, it’s so worth it!

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