The Grove Collaborative Products Moms Find Most Useful (and which ones we don’t)

Have you been considering a Grove Collaborative subscription?  Wondering which products are worth the money?  This Grove Collaborative review will help answer these questions and more!

I am generally not a big subscribe-to-all-the-things kind of girl. I like to choose items for our household carefully, looking for the right balance of quality and cost.

But there are a few subscription-based companies I do order from frequently, once they’ve passed the “worthwhile” test. And Grove Collaborative is one which found its way to my short list!

What’s to love about Grove?

It really depends on your goals, but I like Grove because they have a big variety of natural products and some products, such as Grove’s brand, that I can’t get anywhere else.

Although I’m not a certified tree-hugger 😉 , I do believe in being good stewards of our resources. My main goal for choosing more “natural” household products is the health benefits.

I also love that it ships to my doorstep and typically the shipping is very fast.

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Ordering from Grove: How it Works

When I mention how much I love Grove, I am always asked if you have to have a subscription and do they auto-ship (a turn-off for many people).

When you place your first order, it does default to a recurring/ auto-ship subscription. However, you can then turn that feature off completely, or customize it and push the auto-shipments out farther. It’s up to you.

For subsequent orders, you can choose to be a VIP member where you pay $19.99/year to receive:

•Free Shipping on all orders (minimum $25 for auto-shipments, $39 for “ship-now” option)

•4 free products per year

You can try a VIP subscription out for 60 days here.

If you’re not a VIP member, you just pay $4.99 for shipping (see above minimums), OR get free shipping regardless, with all orders of $49 or more.

The best products from Grove (and what you can skip)

Like most people (I’m guessing), I was initially lured in by the free Mrs. Meyer’s gift set which was a perk of my first order.

To be honest, I didn’t actually like the Mrs. Meyer’s products! (More on that later.)

But after trying several other items from Grove, I can tell you exactly which items I DO think are worth trying out, and some that my mom-friends also swear by.

Grove Collaborative Review: Must-Haves

These Grove products top my list:

And now for the “Pass” list:

Grove Products You can Skip

These simply aren't my favorite, and here's why. (But, you decide.)

Your favorites list might be totally different than mine, of course. But the great thing about Grove is there is something to suit everyone’s preferences.

Let us know what Grove Collaborative products you can’t live without!

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