The Best Baby and Toddler Safety Products found on Amazon

Ideally, the best time to start babyproofing your home is before your baby is in the crawling / walking / exploring stages.

We know this, yet most of us find ourselves scrambling – because when this stage hits, it’s a little overwhelming to keep up with!

Luckily, we’re living in the golden age for moms:  the age of Amazon Prime.

No more dragging a cart full of kids around Wal-Mart to find a gadget, a doo-hickey or a thingamabob that you know you need…but usually can’t find in the store anyhow.

While technology does have its downsides, being able to research products, product reviews and have said products delivered to my doorstop really does make my life SO much easier.

Image of smiling toddler with text: Safety Hacks for wild and crazy toddlers who test every boundary

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The Best Baby and Toddler Safety Products Found on Amazon

There are several items that I’ve discovered to be simply genius for parents, especially when it comes to keeping kids safe  – and I’m going to share with you some of my favorites.

I’m not one to hoard unnecessary clutter, so I’ve narrowed it down to these products have truly benefited us the most, and they can all be found on Amazon.

#1. Munchkin Cabinet Latches

When it comes to cabinet safety latches, I’ve tried them all: the kind you have to drill into the cabinets (what a pain), the kind you have to squeeze just right and the kind that are harder to open than Chinese handcuffs.

But the Munchkin Xtraguard latches have a super strong adhesive and require no hardware.  You can easily pop these latches on and off (press and twist) and I’ve been super impressed by how well they’ve held up for us over the last year of constant use.

I have these on our cabinets that hold cleaning supplies; on our medicine cabinet, our trash can cabinet and even one on the pantry to keep the toddler from climbing the shelves!

I’ve read that you can easily remove these by heating them with a hair dryer and it’s not supposed to leave an adhesive mark on the surface it’s stuck to, either.

#2. Safety 1st Furniture Wall Straps

If your baby hasn’t learned how to climb yet, be thankful that you can buy some time – and get these furniture straps in the meantime!

Even crawling babies that are learning to stand can pull out a lower dresser drawer and potentially tip it over.  It’s that easy, unfortunately.

At certain stages, the desire to climb all.the.things is a constant battle in our house.  Dressers, armoires, bookcases, changing tables- they all need to be secured to the wall and these straps are inexpensive, easy to install and they serve their purpose – giving you peace of mind.

#3. Summer Infant Pop N’ Play Portable Playard

You’re probably familiar with the hard plastic play yards (like these) which are not easy to store or even move around for that matter.

But Summer Infant’s portable, easy-to-assemble and easy-to-collapse version is a game changer!

For playtime, it’s also much lighter and easier to use and store than a pack and play portable crib.  It does take up a little more space than a pack and play, so you’ll want to consider where you plan to use it and plan accordingly.

We used the  Summer Infant Playard last summer in our yard, in the kitchen while I was cooking, in my office and anywhere I needed to keep my then-one-year-old occupied and out of harm’s way. 

Pack it up and take it to the beach, the river, a softball tournament – it will be the best investment of your summer!

The attached canopy is super handy, to help keep baby out of those harmful UV rays.

#4.  Safety First Deluxe Press Fit Outlet Covers

I noticed these outlet covers at our pediatrician’s office and from my estimation, it would be nearly impossible for any child to remove them.

The run of the mill, cheap-o outlet covers just won’t do the job with curious toddlers or even preschoolers around.  I can leave the room for 2 minutes and if my four-year-old gets bored, he will have all of those popped off the outlets by the time I walk back in.

So do yourself a favor and invest in outlet covers that actually do what they’re intended to!  They may require a little more effort to remove, but in my opinion that’s a small price to pay for safety.

#5. Motion Detector Alarm

This alarm could serve multiple purposes, but one great use is to keep kids IN when they’re not supposed to be OUT.

My middle daughter is an occasional sleep-walker.  When we moved into our new house a few years ago, her sleepwalking reached a point where we became concerned she might try to escape at night.  We actually found her walking up the stairs and headed to the door late one night- a super scary experience!

So, we installed a door alarm like this one that is very loud and gave us a fair amount of confidence that even if she managed to unlock a door while asleep, we would be alerted immediately.

#6. Regalo Extra Wide Baby Gate

We needed a baby gate at the bottom of our downstairs steps because our two-year-old’s favorite past-time has become climbing the staircase and then attempting to slide down them headfirst.

(Yes, she IS responsible for every gray hair I have.)

I researched different types of gates and we needed an extra wide option and the Regalo brand seemed to have the best reviews for gates that fit our needs and budget.

So far, it’s worked great for us.  I found it fairly easy to open one-handed.  I also loved that it’s pressure-mounted and didn’t require any mounting hardware that would leave ugly holes in the wall.

#7.  Diono Radian Four-in-One Convertible Car Seat

With four kids, I have tried sooo many different car seats.

With our third, I spent a lot of time researching seats that exceeded safety requirements, would last several years and weren’t super bulky after I installed them.

When you have several kids, finding the right car seat for your vehicle is extra important!

After reading up on Car Seats for the Littles, my go-to site for car seat information, I landed on the Diono Radian models and I use them for both my now four-year-old and two-year-old.

I only used an infant carrier for a few months before switching to these seats for each kid, and this model will last all the way through the booster seat years (from 4-120 pounds)!

Some of the great features of this seat:  It has a full steel frame (hard to find); you can typically fit 3-across if needed, due to the narrow profile; it folds flat for storage & travel;  it has a 10-YEAR expiration date which is great if you plan to use it for more than one child.

I hope that these recommendations will save you some time as you search for those baby and toddler safety products that are necessary but sometimes hard to shop for!

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